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Personal Development

Stress and Over Achievement: Saboteurs of Passion--Learn how "super" people can de-stress and better manage their relationships.

Moving Forward and Past Personal (or Professional) Turmoil--Explore 15 creative and practical solutions to overcome trauma and turmoil.

Surviving Outsourcing: A Personal Journey--Develop your resilience capability. Resilience is a skill you can learn. It will help you "bounce back" from any life/career situation.

The Role of "Positive Psychology" in Your Everyday Life--Buffer overwhelming depression or anxiety with your 24 values/character strengths, such as gratitude, courage, creativity, curiosity (Seligman & Peterson). Learn how to use those strengths/values more often and in new ways to your advantage.


While there are clients whose challenges are served more appropriately with traditional psychological approaches, there are clients who would benefit from the application of Positive Psychology started in the 1980's by the psychologist, Martin Seligman. He and another psychologist, Chris Peterson studied how "24 values-in-action" function to buffer people from or to cope better with negative life situations.

Those values which when used more often and in new ways can minimize the effects of life traumas and can support the development of emotionally healthier individuals. Some of these values include open-mindedness, curiosity, honesty, wisdom, love of learning, spirituality, courage, persistence, kindness and other qualities that people possess. Those are the values or "character strengths" which are emphasized and explored with clients who may find this particular approach more beneficial for them.

Positive Psychology is a movement that focuses on mental health rather than mental illness.

Professional & Executive Development

The DNA Leadership Styles--Utilize cutting-edge, comprehensive tools to develop the best executives, managers and other key people.

Pressures of High-Achieving Women--Develop strategies to blend career-life needs.

Blueprints for Work-Life Successes--Develop the most profitable "eco-system" for yourself and those who report to you.

The Making & Mark of Peak Performances--Identify how elite performers are developed and their multifaceted contributions in the workplace.

Business & Corporate

Social Responsibility in Business--Define and design programs to increase your organization's marketability and accountability.

Emotional Intelligence Increases Profitability Opportunities--Reduce turnover and training costs. Identify components of top/star performers.

Building Esteem in Your Team. Build healthier teams. Minimize emotional toxicity.

Diversity: The Road to Business Ethics and Profitability--Uncover valued-based and money-making advantages of incorporating diversity in business.

Topics can be based upon the goals or desired outcomes of the particular individual, group or organization in search of this service.

Other topics for a seminar, workshop or presentation include, but are not limited to, the following:

Globalization: A Path to Spirit in Business
Emotional Competence in Business Is Not
" Just a Female Thing"
The "World Cafe":
A Place for Powerful Answers to Powerful Questions
Smart, Savvy Leaders are Self Aware
Manage Yourself, Not Time
Positive Psychology and Healthy People

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