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Are you ready to transform your life into all that it could be, should be, and was meant to be?
Coaching with Dr. Bethea provides the fastest route possible to your life goals.

With Dr. Wanda Bethea you will:

Have access to leading assessment tools to help you develop as a leader and person who gets the job done
Understand better what you need to do differently to achieve business or personal goals
More effectively manage growth versus sustainability
As a senior executive, work more effectively with junior people
Be highly accountable to the plans you set for yourself
Uncover and learn to capitalize on "missed" opportunities
Balance your work and personal life more successfully
Increase your peak performance and skill levels
Develop skills to facilitate your transitioning into a new role either at work or in life
Become more innovative in customer relations and strategic alliances
Learn how to build effective global teams
Stay focused and creative in spite of "tough days" and daily career-life hassles

What must I do?

In order for coaching to be successful you must be open to the process and be willing to embark on your personal and exciting path. You must be willing to grow. This means that you must have the will to change some things. You deserve to be happy, purposeful and fulfilled.

Therapy is about healing. Coaching is about achievement.
Therapy is about understanding. Coaching is about action.
Therapy is about safety. Coaching is about momentum.
Therapy is about progress. Coaching is about performance.
Therapy is about protecting. Coaching is about attracting.

--Philip Humbert, PhD.

Coaching is . . .
The fast track to purposeful abundance in your life.
If you want to transform your life today
into all that it could be,
should be, and was meant to be,
then coaching is your answer.
Coaching is not . . .
One of the best ways to describe coaching
is to tell you what it is NOT.
Sometimes counseling or psychotherapy is helpful, even necessary.

However, coaching services do not include traditional psychological therapies.
Coaching is forward looking and goal driven,
while counseling seeks to understand
and resolve the past.

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